Welcome to Lechuan Huang’s first year review portfolio site! Here you will find everything you need to know about Lechuan’s first year as a doctoral student at UGA.

A brief history of Lechuan before UGA


Lechuan is a self-motivated learner and he knew it when he started reading about economics in high school on his own. However, he did not end up conducting international trade, as his bachelor’s degree would suggest, or becoming a historian, as his first master’s degree would suggest; he instead picked up his family trade in teaching and became an IBDP economics teacher. His job as a teacher led him onto two endeavors: (1) to help parents help their children develop, and (2) to innovate instruction to improve learning. Distinctive as they might look, they were united under the banner of aligning resources so they work for (instead of against) students. The first endeavor led him to the Prevention Science and Practice program at Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he realized while it was just as interesting and engaging as the second endeavor, it was not an area he could make an impact in in a reasonable amount of time–which committed him to the second endeavor, which builds on his experience in and passion for teaching; and here he finds himself at UGA.